Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back.

 Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back. 

 To have a muscular and broad back you have to first understand the muscle anatomy of the back. 

Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back.


The back anatomy includes the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, erector spinal, rhomboid, and the teres major. 

Being large, fan-shaped muscles, they’re ready to provide force during a wide selection of body positions, 

 e.g., leaning back to straight vertical and every one point in between. 

The Lats are attached to the upper end of the humerus with fibres running down in a fan down the vertebral column and pelvic girdle. 

The Trapezius (trap) muscle may be a long, trapezoid-shaped muscle that runs down the upper section of the medulla spinalis, originating at the bottom of the skull and attaching down within the middle to lower back. 

The angles of the Trapezius fibres provide pull in three different directions: up, down and in towards the centerline of the body. 




 Latissimus Dorsi (Lats)(Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back)

The latissimus dorsi also referred to as the “lats” or “wings,” are the most important and most well-known of all the rear muscles. 

Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back. 

 Once large enough, the lats are responsible for your body’s “V-taper” because of their protruding appearance under your armpit area and on the back of your ribs. 

And as you would possibly guess, they’re the rear muscles most ordinarily targeted by lifters within the gym. However, many fail to offer them the right attention required to succeed in their full potential. 

To target your lats, you can use a variety of popular back exercises, including lats pulldowns, pull-ups, barbell bent-over rows, dumbbell one-arm rows, and deadlifts. 


Trapezius:(Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back)

The trapezius muscles are located between your shoulder and your neck. Since they extend above the collarbone height, they’re most noticeable from the frontal view; although they really reach all the way right down to the lower back region. 

The traps contain three sections of muscle fibres: The lower trapezius, middle trapezius and upper trapezius fibres. 

The traps are a quite complex set of muscles. They control the scapulae (shoulder blades), which play a role in shrugging, neck movement, head support, and more. 

Shrugs, deadlifts and power clean hit the upper traps the strongest. Dumbbell rear deltoid raises, cable face pulls, barbell rows and seated rows are better at targeting the middle and lower trapezius fibres. 


Erector Spinae (Spinal Erectors).

Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back.

The spinal erectors allow you to flex and extend your back in any given direction. They also support and protect your vertebrae, meaning that stronger spinal erectors lead to improved posture and core stabilization. 

With good back training, they will develop and provide a boost to your total body strength, in addition to improving your back’s thickness or density.

Deadlifts are the best exercise for developing these muscles. However, since numerous gym-goers never do deadlifts, these crucial muscles typically receive disproportional attention. 

Although deadlifts are far superior, other exercises can hit these muscles also.  




Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back.

The rhomboid is targeted when you squeeze your scapula or shoulder blades back and together.

With that in mind, the simplest back exercises for targeting the rhomboids group are barbell rows, seated rows, T-bar rows, one-arm rows and pull-ups/chin-ups. 


Teres Major: 


The teres major works in conjunction with the lats. But it also works with the rotator cuff muscles. Its functions include pulling the arms downwards and rotating them inwards. 

Straight-arm lats pulldowns and dumbbell pullovers most directly target this muscle. 


  • Here is the back workout: 

Close Gripe lats pull down. (Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back)

Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back. 

4 sets of 12 to 8 reps.

This great latissimus dorsi exercise belongs within the multiple-joint exercise category because both the shoulder and therefore the elbow joints are mobilized.

The wide-grip overhand pulldown is really best for building a good back. It better stimulates the teres major muscle and upper-lats fibres, which provides the looks of winglike lats.

Grabbing the bar together with your hands outside shoulder width is far tougher for your lats because your arms can’t help the maximum amount. 


Dumbbell Rowing. 

Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back.

3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. 

A dumbbell row is an exercise that helps strengthen your biceps, back, and shoulders while you actively engage your core during the movement.

The use of the dumbbells also helps create stability and balance on both sides of your body, as you work out. It stresses high amounts of your muscle tissues when performed correctly. 

The targeted muscles are Latissimus Dorsi Muscles, Posterior Shoulder, Biceps, Spinal Erectors. 


Cable Seated rowing. 

 Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back.

3 sets of 10 to 8 reps. 

The seated row may be a cable instrument back movement performed as a stationary isolation exercise focused on mainly targeting the latissimus dorsi muscles. 

 As a staple in any back workout, the seated row is best performed in moderate to high rep ranges. Try sets within the ten to fifteen rep range for optimal muscular hypertrophy. 

Tip: squeeze your contraction for 3 seconds so the middle fibre of traps gets engaged. 


Straight arm pull down. 

Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back. 

3 sets of 12 to 15 reps. 

The straight-arm pulldown is right for lifters who can’t feel their lats performing on traditional pulldown exercises. Keeping the arms straight prevents the mid-back and biceps from taking up the movement, so you’ll specialize in the lats muscles you’re trying to figure more directly. 

Good range of motion than standard pulldowns. 

The straight-arm pulldown strengthens the lats. 



Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back.

3 sets of 6 to 8 Reps. 

Tip: As the reps are less the weights in the bar should be increased as per capacity. 

T-bar row is it causes you to stronger and it brings you during a better shape. Your posture will improve also as your coordination and balance too. 

T-bar machines and other strength training can assist you to reduce or maintain the present weight that you simply are into. Lifting weights can enable you to burn calories and fat, thus making you fit and toned. 



Back Workout for Broad and Muscular Back. 

 2 sets of 6 to 8 reps. 

Deadlifts are high on the list of bang-for-your-buck strength training moves. With one fluid movement—hinging forward at the hips with a neutral spine and bent knees, coming back up to standing, and repeating—you’re working for major muscle groups in nearly every zone of your body.

With proper form, your forearms engage from holding the bar; your shoulders, traps, back, and core help stabilize the body; and your glutes and hamstrings act as a lever to lift the weight.

If you don’t have any injuries, deadlifts can help you develop a stronger back and lats so you can have better posture
The primary muscles [worked] are your hamstrings, your glutes, and your core, depending on how you stand. 

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